Volunteers meeting on the 6 of May 2015

And a contest

The project carrier “ Comité Equestre” is looking for people ready to help or the week end. Jobs in the three main organization centers( reception, bikes management, village logistics) are still available. For those who are interested, you can already contact the Comité Equestre of Saumur on the 02 41 67 36 37 or by email lcouraud@saumur.org, You can also come to the volunteers meeting settled on the 6 of may 2015 at 7p.m. in Bouvet Ladubay Petit Théâtre, access by the 11 rue Ackerman Voir le plan d'accès

Un jeu concours pour les bénévoles de l'Anjou Vélo Vintage !

A contest is also organized for the Anjou Vélo Vintage volunteers ! In order to thank the volunteer for making our event possible, the organizers developed a contest for them. A draw will offer one of them a new collector edition of Anjou Vélo Vintage bicycle. As a reminder, Anjou Vélo Vintage is a retro festival which pairs cycling rides in the Saumur Region and an authentic vintage village in the center of Saumur where you will find exhibitors and animations. For five years now, Anjou Vélo Vintage does not disappoint , last year the event has welcomed 3500 participants and 30 000 visitors...

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