Robert et Marcel on Gaston le Vigneron

The wine cellar Robert et Marcel will provide de food supplies and a glass of wine on the Gaston le Vigneron Trail. After the tasting, half of the participant will eat at the Saint Cyr vineyard with the cellar wine growers.

Robert & Marcel

Robert & Marcel

La Cave des Vignerons de Saumur becomes Robert et Marcel. The tour will begin by a great arched cellar of the XII th century where you will discover the deepest European bottling room and the 8km of galleries. You will be introduced to the traditional wine making process. 1956 in response to the wine growers pressure, the “cave des vignerons de Saumur” is created. The cooperative settles in 10km of galleries dig in tuffeau stone. The first collective wine growing process occurs in this same year autumn. This unique place still narrates the great adventure.

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