The Anatole Brothers
40 KM

Sunday 29 August 2021
Departure times: 9:00 am and 10:15 am

Difficulty 3/5

Towns and villages traversed:SaumurDampierre sur LoireSouzay-ChampignyParnayMontsoreauFontevraud, Turquant, Parnay, Saumur.

We’re off again! Yes, it’s the travelling twosome you love to love: a double dose of Anatole for two trips along the famous wine trail! Moustaches to the fore and sunglasses clamped to their noses, our biking brothers will take you on a brand-new tour to the very heart of the Anjou and its stunning wine-growing region.

Along the way, why not wave to the Lady of Monsoreau – look, she’s smiling at you from her château, just where Dumas imagined her… The banks of the Loire, spectacular vineyards and world-class heritage: what a feast for the senses. Simply breathe it all in – a perfect panorama of the Saumur.

As you pass through a charming village deep in troglodyte country, let your fingers skim gently over the stone. Listen – is that swing music you hear, drifting over the fields? Can you smell those Loire delicacies, waiting for you at the next crossroads? Refreshing local wines or a sparkling glass of Saumur bubbly: it’s all yours to enjoy.

And wherever you might be – surrounded by hills, or drifting through valleys – the Anatole Brothers are always right by your side, making sure your legs are firmly glued to that bike!

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