Authentic 1868
120 KM New

Saturday 6 July 2019
Departure time: 9:00 am

Difficulty 5/5

The cities you’ll go through: SaumurSaint-Martin-de-la-Place, Saint-Clément-des-Levées, Vivy, Neuillé, Blou, Vernantes, Vernoil-le-Fourrier, La Breille-les-Pins, Brain-sur-Allonnes, Allonnes, Varennes-sur-Loire, Montsoreau, Turquant, Parnay, Champigny, Saumur

When the asphalt fades away to give way to the white paths, the spirit and values of years gone by can come back to our minds. Put your shoulder to the wheel and set the fire on the gravel road to devour the bumps and live your Authentic 1868 adventure.

On the off-road paths, today’s cyclists rush towards yesterday’s cycling : its soul, codes and figures. Among the wooden landscapes, the marshy valleys or the untouched countryside relive the appetite for effort and the pleasure of commitment during a daring epic.

  • To do list of the Authentic 1868 rider!

    Before riding the Authentic 1868 route, you need to get ready physically but also mechanically. By this way our gravel roads expert prepared you a list of the indispensable elements to be ready:

    Tyres: 25-32
    Gear ratio: 39-24
    Tool box: Even if a mechanical assistance will be offered, we are asking you to be well equipped, having your own equipment in case of damage.
    Do not hesitate contacting us if you need any information.

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