The Jean-Guy Brothers
30 KM

Sunday 29 August 2021
Departure times: 9:30am and 11:15 am

Difficulty 2/5

Towns and villages traversed: Saumur, Saint-Martin-de-la-Place, Saint-Clément-des-Levées, Les-Rosiers-sur-Loire, Gennes-Val-de-Loire, Chênehutte-Trèves-Cunault, Rue des caves / Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Florent, Saumur.

The Jean-Guy Brothers wouldn’t miss this for all the wine in France! In 2021, the bad boys of the vintage bike world offer you the very warmest of welcomes – so come join the pack, as they whisk you off to stunning locations along the beautiful Loire.

Admire the south bank of the river and its hillside troglodyte homes – the iconic bridge at Gennes Val de Loire will sweep you up and take you there in no time at all. Explore picturesque bargemen’s villages, where you’ll feel free as a bird and light as a feather. Let the gentle breeze from the Loire soothe your spirits, as the wind ruffles your hair and you break into a smile. Your heart soars, while tasty treats tickle your tastebuds around every corner.

And at the end of the journey, the famous Rue des Caves and its wine cellars is buzzing with life, turning your trip into a sparkling feast of fun. Cheers, everyone – the party’s only just begun!

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