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Saturday 28 August 2021 - Sunday 29 August 2021 Saturday - Departure times: 9:30am and 10:45 am
Sunday- Departure time: 10:45 am

Difficulty 3/5

With more style and panache than ever before, Abby Cyclette and her sister return in 2020 with three trips to lift your spirits.
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Sunday 29 August 2021 Departure times: 9:00 am and 10:15 am

Difficulty 3/5

It’s the travelling twosome you love to love: a double dose of Anatole for two trips along the famous wine trail!
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65 KM New

Saturday 28 August 2021 Departure time: 10:00 am

Difficulty 4/5

Eddy Namo is the newbie in this famed set of vintage bike tours, whisking you off on a journey through countryside that’s practically made to measure…!
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Sunday 29 August 2021 Departure times: 9:30am and 11:15 am

Difficulty 2/5

The Jean-Guy Brothers offer you the very warmest of welcomes – so come join the pack, as they whisk you off to stunning locations along the beautiful Loire.
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  • Authentic 1868

    Difficulty: 5/5
    Time to rekindle the age-old magic of cycling as you rattle down gravel paths. Come with us and relive the Golden Age of cycling!
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