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The 2018 routes

Sold Out Sunday 24 June Jean-Guy Lèvetôt - Departure: 9:30 am
Jean-Guy Couchetard - Departure:11:15 am

Difficulty 1/5

This year, our famous sidekick Jean-Guy Dondroit will call his double who had stayed in the shadow for the last few years.
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40 KM New

Sold Out Sunday 24 June Departure : 10:00 am

Difficulty 3/5

More teasing than ever, your faithful sidekick Anatole Laguibole intends to turn you upside down with a great deal of finesse!
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Sold Out Saturday 23 June - Sunday 24 June Departure: 10:45 a.m

Difficulty 3/5

This is the second year that the elegant and lively Abby Cyclette will lead you on the paths of a very cheerful ride!
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60 KM New

Sold Out Saturday 23 June Departure: 10 am

Difficulty 3/5

Taking his role of travel guide very seriously, Paul Auton has concocted a brand new route which is both unique and bucolic!
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  • 120 KM New

    Saturday 23 June Departure: 9 am

    Difficulty 5/5

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