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Ticket Anjou Vélo Vintage
Anjou Vélo Vintage 5th Edition

The 2015 edition of Anjou Vélo Vintage will take place on June 13, 14 in Saumur, France.
This event is coordinated by the City of Saumur, Saumur Agglo and other partners. They are all committed to show you the treasures and friendliness of Saumur territory.


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The Trails

The Trails

Five trails are set all around the Region of Saumur, between Loire river, castles and vineyards, a time travel to discover the French way of Life. Trails of 20km to 90km have been mapped for this 5th edition. There is a trail for everyone, between the discovery of the treasures of Loire River Banks and the competitive spirit all around Saumur Region.

What about you ? what will your Anjou Vélo Vintage 2015 be ?

Which bicycle ?

Which bicycle ?

To participate to Anjou Vélo Vintage, you must have a bicycle from before 1987, with no gear shifting on the handlebar. Your bicycle can either be athletic or authentic.

You don’t own one?

Don’t worry , Anjou Vélo Vintage offer bicycle to rental. Be fast during your registration, there won’t be enough for everyone.

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Dress Code

Dress Code

The spirit of Anjou Vélo Vintage stands in the combination of your outfit and your bicycle.

Retro style: Be elegant, athletic or relaxed but you must stick to the vintage style of the event.

Moustache, make up, braces, hat, glasses, examine every last detail of your outfit.

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Partenaires de la 5ème Édition

  • FFCCT 49
  • Les CyclosTouristes Saumurois
  • Grand Saumur
  • Region Pays De La Loire
  • Comcom Doue La Fontaine
  • Comcom Gennois
  • Comcom Loire Longue
  • Ackerman
  • Bouvet-Ladubay
  • Robert & Marcel
  • Langlois Chateau
  • Interloire
  • Saumur Champigny
  • Leboncoin
  • Saumur Le Centre
  • Pixim Communication
  • Pourqui Pourquoi
  • Sensorielle
  • Aspire
  • Petite Marquise
  • Big Moustache
  • Rustines
  • Combier
  • Hipp Biologique
  • Brioche Pasquier
  • Musée aux Anciens Commerces

Prepare your stay for Anjou Vélo Vintage 2015

You can’t wait to drive around the Loire River Banks and discover the treasures of Saumur Region ! This edition will be full of life, festive and competitive, you will have to be prepared: eat well, rest well and ask for the week end program.

  • How to go to Saumur ?

    How to go to Saumur ?

    Either you come with a bike , by car, train or airplane, we help you to find your path and be on time for the beginning of this retro week end.

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  • Accommodations


    Tour luggage are ready for the week end : bicycle outfit, evening dress , hat box … but you will need a place to drop all these stuff; would you rather choose a tent ? a guestroom ? an hotel room ? or a castle ? Our tourist office is here to advise you .

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  • Restaurants


    During this week end you might also be able to try all the excellent products of our Region . if you are looking for a café, a pub, a wine bar, a quite terrace or a gastronomic chef, you will find what you are looking for with Saumur Tourist Office. They will prepare you a festive and tasty program.

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  • Animations


    Singers, musicians and lindy hop dancers, huckster and public criers will take you to another time with their crazy shows.

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  • The village

    The village

    The Anjou Vélo Vintage Village is free and open to everybody ; it is located in the center of Saumur, between the City Hall and the recently re opened theatre. The village will gather all the vintage tendencies in a friendly atmosphere.

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