The Anjou Vélo Vintage Spirit

The Anjou Vélo Vintage Spirit

100% Retro

A time machine…

Turn the clock back… and travel back over the recent past decades!

Imagine… moustaches blowing in the wind, gentlemen wearing braces, women laughing while a man is greeting them pulling his beret off, women in dresses with printed flowers and so many other illustrations...

Share… unique moments, alone or with your partner, with your close family or with a circle of old friends...

Enjoy… an outstanding view over the Loire Valley, mind-blowing landscape, majestic silhouette of the Loire Valley castles, …

Original and unique atmosphere…

Admire… the elegance and the charm of the early models of bicycles…

Discover… the early cycling world and the latest vintage trends, an exclusive contest of elegance…

Experience… the epic adventures of the roads’ fanatics, the unique atmosphere of a vintage publicity caravan…

Enjoy… the unique atmosphere of an open-air cafe, the taste of sparkling wines and a jazz party…


Elegance doesn’t mean perfection but relevance. Whatever your dressing style might be, the spirit of Anjou Vélo Vintage is represented by the combination of your character, your outfit and your bicycle!

Enter in the Anjou Vélo Vintage fitting room

  • Relaxed


    You have a retro style!
    Bright colors , antics and a load of accessories keep your incomparable style going !
  • Authentic


    You are more into classic and sober style, straight on the saddle. Hat , socks or braces …
    Examine every last detail of your outfit.
  • Glamorous


    Pom pom pidou, draw your inspiration from Betty Boop
    let your bicycle be your best point.
  • Sporty


    You are a champion! A real road fanatic.
    You don’t fear to get sweaty . There is no great victory without style.


The Anjou Vélo Vintage rides are organized for vintage style bikes built from early 1900’s to 1987. The bicycles riding must fit the following criteria :

  • Automatic toe clip are not allowed.
  • Lever speed must not be attached to the handlebar.

Recent bicycles with vintage look and characteristics are allowed. Nevertheless, they must comply with the criteria above. Replicas, single speed, american cruiser and fixie are also allowed. For the 130 kilometres route, the change of the gear ratios is allowed because of its level of difficulty.

Any registered cyclist who arrives on the starting line with a bicycle that does not conform to the rules and regulations of the event may be disqualified immediately

Regarding disabilities, we invite you to contact the organization directly for more information.

We advise you to do up and service your bicycle. Perhaps your bike hasn’t been out of the garage for a while. Don’t hesitate in asking for professional assistance and advice on the efficient functioning of your bike.

  • Penny Farthing

    Penny Farthing

    You will cut a fine figure on your authentic bicycle? You have the ways and means to ride a cycling. You will definitely not go unnoticed.
  • the Tandem

    the Tandem

    Multiply your strength by riding with someone but you must choose wisely your partner or climbing the hills might be a little bit tricky.
  • the Elegant

    the Elegant

    You rather like elegance. Your bike is adequate, easy to handle and handy. It is an everyday bike and with it you will go far away without effort.
  • the Athletic

    the Athletic

    This cycling is made for the race, the chain is greased , the derailleur is precisely adjusted? The brakes? Who care about the brakes ? You want to win the race.

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