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Swing, the most retro of dances: either you choose Lindy Hop (couple dance), Charleston (solo dance) or Pin-up art, you will rediscover the sweet swinging charm of the 20s, 30s & 50s!
Courses for complete beginners: you have never danced before? Or you feel like you can't put one foot in front of the other? We will put you at ease!

Discover the teachers, the different options and the levels for this vintage weekend!


Lindy Hop:
Discover this couple dance from the 30s.
For complete beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers
Discover this solo dance from the 20s.
For complete beginners
Pin-up art:
Discover this solo dance from the 50s.
For complete beginners

Your teachers for the weekend

Jérémy Chanton & Mélanie Deniau

Jérémy Chanton & Mélanie Deniau

Issiaka Cissokho & Alison Sanlaville

Issiaka Cissokho & Alison Sanlaville

Ludovic Chanton & Stacy Aurel

Ludovic Chanton & Stacy Aurel


2024 program

danse 2024

"Découverte": This level is for people who have never had the opportunity to take a class. We will explore basic steps, partner connection, and you will discover the unique energy of the Lindy Hop.

"Intermédiaire": If you have already got a few Lindy Hop steps in your repertoire, the intermediate level is for you! We will dive into more advanced variations, rhythm changes and creative moves. Get ready to take your dancing to the next level while having fun on the dance floor.

"Avancé": For experienced dancers looking for a challenge, the advanced level is the perfect choice. We will cover complex figures, in-depth musicality, and advanced partner connection. Challenge yourself to perfect your Lindy Hop and immerse yourself in a enriching dance experience.


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