+ Is my bicycle in compliance with the event ?

Your bike must respect these following conditions:

  • From before 1987.
  • With brakes, no gear change on the handlebar.
  • Without automatic toe clip.

The fixie, single speed bikes or their replicas will be accepted. Any registered person whose bike won’t respect these criteria won’t be able to take part in the Anjou Vélo Vintage without any possible reimbursement.

Do you want an expert’s view ? Send the photo of your bike to our team who will tell you if your bicycle is conformed or not: contact@anjou-velo-vintage.com

+ What does my registration include ?

Your registration includes :

  • The route entrance
  • The bucolic lunch
  • The insurance (except civil liability)
  • The saddlebag
  • The log book
  • The bike plate
  • The supplies and activities
  • All the visits.
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