Authentic 1868
105 KM

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Saturday 29 June 2024
Departure time: 8:30am

Difficulty DIFFICULTE 5

The Authentic is the iconic route designed for seasoned cyclists. The gravel road will take you on a journey where you discover forest landscapes and green plains. Make sure you’ve trained well both physically and technically before you get to the start line!

The route

picto axelle 1 Parcours Authentic
105 km Includes several gravel sections
picto authentic dénivelé Picto Authentic paysages
Significant amount of incline Forest and plains

Town and Hosting Sites:

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Vivy - Etang des Monteaux
This first stop invites you to discover the magnificent Monteaux lake and its recently established bird sanctuary. The generous locals of Vetusia welcome you with cheerfulness, offering a taste of their typical brioche!

 chateau fessardiere

Vernoil-le-Fourrier - Le Prieuré 
Take a break in the gardens of the Priory and seize the opportunity to step into the Saint-Vincent church, an 11th-century monument. Vernoil welcomes you in a splendid natural setting.

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Brain-sur-Allonnes -  Les Cimes de Courcy
Welcome to this medieval archaeological site located west of the village. The place called 'La Cave Peinte' (The Painted Cave) lives up to its name, as here, fifteen thousand painted paving tiles from the 13th and 14th centuries have been unearthed.

chateau de saumur

Saumur - Château de Saumur
Conclude your hike on the historic route of the Valley of the Kings. Admire the grandeur of the castle overlooking Saumur while enjoying a well-deserved meal at the Orangeraie restaurant!


To taste along the way:

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All the delicacies and drinks you'll enjoy during the tours are local! Take the opportunity to discover the wines of Anjou and Saumur, which offer incredible richness and variety!*

 What your ticket includes

  • A gorgeous saddle bag and a tasting glass
  • A passport giving you access to 5 check points, including one where you can refuel with a hot lunch. After all your hard work on the bike, you’ll be able to try regional specialities during these stops.
  • Access to incredible sites, so keep your eyes peeled and drink in the views!
  • The sound of music groups will get you dancing. Listen carefully and you’ll hear notes of swing music floating through the hillsides.


  • Registration for route with saddle bag, lunch and acess to check points: 47€ (44€ for members of French Bike Federation)
  • Registration for route with saddle bag, lunch and acess to check points, and a branded water bottle: 57€ (54€ for members of French Bike Federation)

Don't forget your water bottle !


Water bottles have been removed from the Anjou Vélo Vintage routes in favor of water stations for your refreshment. Reserve your water bottle bearing the events colours (available for pick-up when you collect your race bib) or remember to bring your own!


 *Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health, please drink responsibly.

  • To do list of the Authentic 1868 rider!

    Before riding the Authentic 1868 route, you need to get ready physically but also mechanically. By this way our gravel roads expert prepared you a list of the indispensable elements to be ready:

     pictos authentic pneu Tyres: Use a large tyre (25-32). We recommend a 28 tyre.
     pictos authentic braquet Gear ratio: The smallest recommended gear bracket is 39-24.
     Picto Authentic 2  Tool box: Even if a mechanical assistance will be offered, we are asking you to be well equipped, having your own equipment in case of damage.  

    Do not hesitate contacting us if you need any information.