Ernestine La Rustine
65 KM

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Saturday 29 June 2024
Departure time: 9:45 am

Difficulty difficulté 4

If you’ve got legs of steel, launch an attack on the 65-kilometre route with our resident athlete, Ernestine. Your efforts will be rewarded with festive refreshments, including a break from the grind when you visit the animals at Doué-la-Fontaine zoo!

The route

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65 km Mostly on the road
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Average amount of incline

Views of countryside landscapes, picturesque villages and vineyards

Town and Hosting sites:

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Known as the "Capital of Fouée", Rou-Marson holds a rich historical and natural heritage: Romanesque churches, neo-Renaissance castle, troglodyte dwellings, and more.

 chateau fessardiere

Les Ulmes - Le Lavoir
The first pedal strokes lead you to discover the village of Les Ulmes. From dolmens to 12th-century churches, manors, mills, and washhouses, the commune bears witness to a rich and ancient past.

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Doué-en-Anjou - La Roseraie des Ecuries Foulon
With 400 varieties of roses, the Foullon Rose Garden is an exceptional green setting. Enjoy a well-deserved lunch break to admire the historical and cultural treasures of the Doué-en-Anjou region.


Doué-la-Fontaine - Bioparc 
Take advantage of a visit to the Bioparc to greet the approximately 1900 animals that inhabit the world's only troglodytic zoo. Discover this exceptional natural site committed to the protection of endangered species. 


Cizay-la-Madelaine- Prieuré du Breuil-Bellay
The Priory of Breuil-Bellay is the most complete and well-preserved architectural ensemble among those bequeathed by the Grandmont monastic order in Anjou. Enjoy a refreshing and historical break!
Seigneurie du bois
Le Coudray-Macouard - La Seigneurie du Bois
 The Seigneurie du Bois is an elegant manor from the 15th and 16th centuries. From its fortified enclosure, moats and the old entrance framed by vermiculated bossage columns still remain

chateau de saumur

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Saumur - Château de Saumur

Finish your hike on the historic route of the Valley of the Kings. Admire the grandeur of the castle overlooking Saumur and embark on one last spirited swing dance with a glass of sparkling wine from Louis de Grenelle in hand!



To taste along the way:

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All the delicacies and drinks you'll enjoy during the tours are local! Take the opportunity to discover the wines of Anjou and Saumur, which offer incredible richness and variety!*

 Keep your eyes peeled for…

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The Doué zoo & its animals Charming tufa towns
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The famous Doué Rose garden A friendly wine estate
If you see this, you’ve overindulged in the good stuff.

 What your ticket includes

  • A gorgeous saddle bag and a tasting glass
  • A passport giving you access to seven check points, including one where you can refuel with a hot lunch. After all your hard work on the bike, you’ll be able to try regional specialities during these stops.
  • Access to incredible sites, so keep your eyes peeled and drink in the views!
  • The sound of music groups will get you dancing. Listen carefully and you’ll hear notes of swing music floating through the hillsides.


  • Registration for route with saddle bag, lunch and acess to check points: 47€ (44€ for members of French Bike Federation)
  • Registration for route with saddle bag, lunch and acess to check points, and a branded water bottle: 57€ (54€ for members of French Bike Federation)

Don't forget your water bottle !


Water bottles have been removed from the Anjou Vélo Vintage routes in favor of water stations for your refreshment. Reserve your water bottle bearing the events colours (available for pick-up when you collect your race bib) or remember to bring your own!



 *Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health, please drink responsibly.

  • Warning for the Ernestine route !

    Before riding the Ernestine route, you need to get ready physically. Suitable for serious cyclists only!


    Ernestine's favorite check-point : The Doué zoo

    bioparc girafes

    Dear cyclists, you are going to cross the Bioparc, the only "troglodyte" zoo in the world, with more than 1400 animals in an exceptional natural setting! A unique opportunity to immortalize your equipment and your retro outfit with an animal selfie !